Fun with Kreyòl


How well do you know Kreyòl; more importantly, how well do you write it?  If you answered, Yes and Yes, we have some trivia questions down below, which should be a breeze for you.  If you answered Yes and No, then they will help you get proficient at writing Kreyòl.  If you answered No and No, leave a comment or email us at; we got some goodies to get you started.  Don’t hesitate to let us know how we can be of assistance.  If you are an expert, please get in touch with us instead of answering.  Let others try their luck before you or I give away the answers.
  1. A lot people erroneously state R does not exist in Kreyòl.  That is in fact not true.  There are 2 letters that are truly not used in Kreyòl.  What are those two letters?
  2. There are multiple 1 letter words in Kreyòl; what are those words?  Example: L as in ranmase l.
  3. There aren’t many words that are written the same way in both French and Kreyòl.  Can you come up with 6 of those words?  Example: PANTALON
  4. There is a large number of 2 to 3 letter words in Kreyòl; I have in fact written a page full of complete sentences made up of letters of 3 words or less.  Can you think of 13 different 2 letter words where the second letter is è?  Here are two of them; can you come up with 11 more? fè, lè
  5. Think of thirteen 3 letter words in Kreyòl where the last two letters are the same.  Here are a couple of English examples: cat, mat, fat, bat where the last two letters are the same.
  6. Can you think of three 4 letter words where the last 3 letters are IYE.
    1. _iye
    2. _iye
    3. _iye
  7. Can you think of five 5 letter words where the last 3 letters are OUYE.
    1. _ouye
    2. _ouye
    3. _ouye
    4. _ouye
    5. _ouye


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    Kreyòl Fasil

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    Kreyòl Lessons



  1. 1. Papa, Mari, Demon (dekri gason minman pareyman lan tout lang)

    2. Be, ke, me, ne, pe, se, te, ve, we, ye

    3. Ban, dan, jan, kan, lan, nan, pan, ran, san, tan, van, yan,

    4. Kiye, piye, siye


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    1. Dòk la ou an demon wi la a. Pou nimewo 1 an, ou gen on lòt mo nan repons ou a: tout ki se youn nan repons yo.
      Pou nimewo twa a, m pa konn mo ki rele yan an. Try again
      Pou nimewo 4 la, m pa konn sa ki kiye a, si se kiyè ou te vle di, è pa bon pou mwen.
      Great job though, pretty impressive


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