One & two letter words with È at the center

È is one of three accented vowels, the other two are Ò & À.  This accent is called the accent grave.  In French there are several accented vowels, but in Creole there are only those three and nothing else.  Even native speakers tend to use É (accent aigu), which is very popular in French but does not exist in Creole.  Although we do not use the accent aigu, all E’s without an accent is pronounced É.  The È  is  extremely useful and versatile in Creole; it makes the short e sound and is equivalent to various blends in English. For example:

  • lèt sounds just like let and means letter or milk
  • mèt sounds like met and means master, owner or the verb can
  • mès sounds like mess and means mass
  • nèt sounds like net and means entire
  • sèt sounds like set and it is the number 7
  • vèsè means verse, in which case the first è is equivalent to er
  • vèt sounds like vet and is the color green

In previous posts, we have seen words that have the same spelling in both English and Creole, in this most, it is mostly words that sound like English words.  In some cases the only different in spelling is just that accent on the e; example lèt, sèt, and the others listed above.

e-grav creole language 1-new

Sè le pè a te p lè L wè kè L: The old man’s sister got scared when she saw his heart.



Two-letter words – È

È: o’clock
: beurre
: many
: to do/make; also means iron
: war
: heart
: when; also means time
: old lady / sea / sister (religious order)
: nerve
: old man / fear / peace / pair
: sister (sibling and religious order)
: earth / dirt
: green / drinking glass / worm
: to see
: yesterday

Sè le pè a fè pèp la wè kè L pa kase e L pa pè: The old man’s sister showed the population she is not scared


    1. Hi Margaret, è sounds like the short E. Here are a couple of examples to help you out: the Kreyòl word: lèt sounds like the English let and means letter. Similarly the Kreyòl word sèt sounds like set and is the number seven. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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