Creglish – Creole Meets English Part II

In my last post Creole Meets English Part I, I showed you how the English pronunciation of certain letters sounds exactly like some Kreyòl words.  For example “C” in English sounds like the Kreyòl word that means “if” and “V” sounds like the word that means “life“.  In part, II we take it one step further by combining those letters to introduce some new vocabulary words and expressions.

Note that these words are by no means trivial; they are an integral part of the language and adding them to your vocabulary right away will serve you right.  For example you can begin every single question with the following word pair “Ès ke“, which sounds like S K  and literally means “Is it?“, which is a common way of beginning a question in both Kreyòl and French.

Each set of letters on the left, pronounced in English sounds like the Kreyòl words on the right side of the chart.



Begin speaking Kreyòl instantly; no prior experience required

Although you will learn some valuable vocabulary words from this series, the main focus is on pronunciation.  Kreyòl is a phonetic language, therefore the sounds that you learn here will never change.  The sounds of the vowels are the most crucial as the sounds of the consonants for the most part do not differ from English.  If you analyze the first word of the chart, epi,  your takeaway  should be that “e” in Kreyòl sounds like the letter “a” in English, and the sound “ee” in “P” is represented by “i“.  This will help you read Kreyòl later, which is where we’ll eventually take you. The sound “è” in “S” is one you want to get used to as well.

Try and pronounce the below words without looking up at the above chart.


Pronunciation Meaning
S-K yo P-P-T? Are they smaller?
A-C yo D-K yo P-P-T What if they say that they are the smallest
… A-P yo D-K-V Yo D … They then said that their life is hard
Pronounce the letters in English; do not call out the dashes “-“

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