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Creole 102

In this lesson we’re going to build on what we covered in Creole 101 and see the additional similarities between the two languages. In the previous lesson we saw two variations of the famous sentence with the celebrities’ names and introduced two pronouns. Do you remember what they are? The first one is written in[...]
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Essential Travel Phrases

How do you make sure you have the best experience possible when you travel abroad? You probably hit YouTube and Google to research the hotels, restaurants and interesting spots to visit. I’m sure you also do some research on safety. Before your next trip, you should add one more action, and that’s to learn some[...]
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Creole 101

This introduction to Creole uses the most effective methodology for learning Creole, which I call #Kreglish. Once you master this short lesson, you’ll be able to read and write just about anything in Creole. Not only will you be able to compose some simple sentences, but you’ll gain confidence in understanding the more complex areas of[...]
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Free Kreyòl Lessons – Y

Y is pretty popular too The Y(ill) sound – There is a myth out there that our beautiful language, our MOTHER tongue, is confusing to read and write.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  The chart below illustrates why Kreyòl is much simpler than the other languages you read and write. If you visit us, please[...]
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