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Free Kreyòl Lessons – Y

Y is pretty popular too The Y(ill) sound – There is a myth out there that our beautiful language, our MOTHER tongue, is confusing to read and write.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  The chart below illustrates why Kreyòl is much simpler than the other languages you read and write. If you visit us, please[...]
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Fun with Kreyòl

How well do you know Kreyòl; more importantly, how well do you write it?  If you answered, Yes and Yes, we have some trivia questions down below, which should be a breeze for you.  If you answered Yes and No, then they will help you get proficient at writing Kreyòl.  If you answered No and[...]
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Kreyòl Lessons

 Interested in learning to read and write Kreyòl?  Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our method is guaranteed to help you reach that goal in very little time.  Inbox us, send feedback / suggestions, more importantly add comments or ask questions that others could benefit from. It’s really pretty easy once you decide you really[...]
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Frè m ak sè m yo kote nou ye Dominiken se tou y ap fouye Pou antere frè n ke y ap touye Mezanmi li lè li tan pou n reveye Pou n pa kite sa kontinye Mete jenou n atè pou nou priye Pou manman malerèz sispann kriye Li pa twò ta pou n[...]
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