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Distance learning is convenient and less expensive than face to face classes

Save time and money by taking advantage of our individual customized distance Creole training using a Web conference platforms like Xoom, Skype, Video Chat or FaceTime.

Distance learning is convenient, effective, and inexpensive. It’s being used by the best Universities and most major companies around the world. If you’re local in the greater Atlanta area, we typically schedule a combination of face to face and online sessions with our students. However, distance learning has proven to be effective for our students who aren’t local. Courses materials are made available any time of the day for you to review on your own prior to your 1 on 1 sessions.

Our #Kreglish methodology is fun, effective, and quick

With #Kreglish, you begin speaking on day 1; your native trainer customizes your lessons based on your specific needs. If you’re a medical professional, an eventual adopted parent, a missionary, or a tourist, we tailor the lessons for those specific needs until you build your vocabulary and the confidence to engage in conversation.

Individual or group lessons for the entire family

We work with individuals and entire families; my personal favorite experience is the sessions I hold with a family of 6 who always take lessons together: Dad, Mom, 3 blood daughters, and 1 adopted son from Haiti. They want to learn together in order to communicate with their son in Creole, so that he has the opportunity to grow up speaking it to ensure he doesn’t forget it. Very noble of them; love working with them.

Easily schedule and cancel 1 on 1 sessions

The lessons are available on our website whenever you want to access them. Schedule your individual lessons with a native trainer at your convenience. One hour or more is recommended; the second hour and beyond are at half price if you do more than one hour at a time. You can cancel any time prior to the start time; we don’t charge anything for cancellation. At the end of each lesson, you’re invited to take a quiz that you can repeat as many times as needed until you master the material in the lesson. See our Creole 101 lesson here; feel free to go through it on your own or schedule a try-out session at no charge.

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