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Introduction to Creole using the absolute most effective methodology, in not just Creole, but language learning in general. I call it Kreglish.

Once you master this short lesson, you’ll be able to read and write most everything in Creole, you’ll be able to compose some practical sentences, and more importantly if you travel to Haiti, even with limited knowledge of the language, you’ll have all the necessary tools to begin teaching folks how to read and write words like A, An, Ale, Ban, Pale that are not just English words, but they’re also Creole with identical spelling.

When you’re done with the lesson, I invite you to take a short quiz on the material we covered. For best result, take the quiz immediately. Depending on your score, go back, review the course material, and take the quiz as many times as needed.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of this first lesson; we welcome your questions and suggestions for improvement. Would also love to know what you found challenging or easy.


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