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Haiti Olympic New Direction for Better Results

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Haiti’s Olympic accomplishments are not the greatest but with a little bit of organization and collaboration from citizens abroad, some major improvements are possible starting 4 years from now. To accomplish any kinds of gains during the next games, Haiti needs to start organizing today. There are numerous areas where improvement can be made. There probably has never been a year where it’s not a problem to fund the Olympics. That narrative never changes; when the Haitian delegation is presented, the TV commentators always bore me with the same story of how much creativity went into gathering the necessary funds to get the team to the venue.

What if the diaspora were committed to fund our fine athletes?  Heck what if we took it one step further and moved the Haitian Olympic Committee abroad.  90% of the athletes for the past Olympics were based in the US anyway; some are coaching at the University level; so it makes sense to get some of those to lead the committee and coach the future Olympians.

Haiti missed 12 Olympic games between 1924 and 2016. In all we missed 18 if you count the first 6 that took place before we joined the IOC in 1924. Our plan should be to never miss another one and to continue increasing the number of participants and the number of disciplines every game while setting clear measurable goals.

Strategy would be to continue recruiting out of the Universities and engaging high school athletes early while cooperating with other countries willing to help train our athletes and coaches in the disciplines they specialize in, i.e. Kenya & Ethiopia, long distance running, Jamaica, Sprint

By moving the headquarters above, we obtain the services of full time recruiters of athletes who are achieving success at universities abroad.  We suddenly expand the pool of athletes; more of our kids will take their sports seriously because of the added option. More will go into disciplines where they have a reasonable shot at making the games. They may not be good enough for a professional Tennis career, the NBA or the NFL, but they may be fast enough to run the 110 m hurdles.

We open the door for leading in other areas. We view this as an experiment, which, if successful, will be a model to follow in other areas.

All the stats that you need to know about the history of Haiti in the Olympics can be found here.

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