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I am broken, in shambles, humiliated, hopeless, helpless, with no sense of direction

I’ve been down for too long, no one has helped me up; I am on the brink of destruction 

My kids are dying senseless deaths at the hands of their brothers who show no emotion

Some are dying through violence, some through hunger and malnutrition

While others are unable to find the proper care and medication

Those who survive don’t have a chance at a proper education

My land, once fertile, has become arid, my streets trashed, my water diseased

My adoptive children have sacrificed a lot; they are now at their wit’s end

Some are going back to their birth country reacquainting with family and friends

With few surrogates to continue the work forever unfinished

Children of the diaspora, my only hope is in your hands

You need to COME TOGETHER and take a COLLECTIVE stand

You don’t seem to believe it’s your calling and your duty to rescue me

You think you’ve tried but have failed.  If you have failed to set me free

Shouldn’t you learn from your failures and try again till you succeed?

I know you heard my cries and cried my tears but paid no heed 

Your attempts to LEAD me out of my misery have been at best tame

My name is Haiti and I can no longer bear the shame.


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tiTorin / March 15, 2010

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TiBos Papa / April 24, 2010

Yeah baby, I’m in. Let’s talk away

TiBos Papa / April 24, 2010

I want to speak about going to the mother land and find how I can play a role

Ti Frere / April 25, 2010

That’s my comment here

titorin / November 26, 2014

Does my Gravatar show this time?

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