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Frè m ak sè m yo kote nou ye Dominiken se tou y ap fouye Pou antere frè n ke.
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Libète, Egalite, Fratènite Se sa m te konn tande depi m te nan tete Nou te konn di l avèk.
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Free Kreyòl Lessons – K

Never too early to begin Christmas shopping for your loved ones.  Up to 70% at DealsMachine The very popular letter.
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Free Kreyòl Lessons – Y

Y is pretty popular too The Y(ill) sound – There is a myth out there that our beautiful language, our MOTHER tongue,.
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Creole 101

Introduction to Creole using the absolute most effective methodology to learn Creole, which I call #Kreglish. Once you master this.
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Essential Travel Phrases

How do you make sure you have the best experience possible when you travel abroad? You probably hit YouTube and.
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Creole 102

In this lesson we’re going to build on what we covered in Creole 101 and see additional similarities between the.
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