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This is a great article that demonstrates that my Kreglish methodology is an easy way to learn a new language. From 3 letters of the alphabet: T, K, & P, and the number 2, you easy learn 12 new useful and common words and expressions that you can add to your vocabulary without any delay.  And they’re relatively easy to remember. Not sure about you, but this is extremely exciting to me. Ready to explore one of the easiest methods to learn a new language?

  • K sounds just like ke, which means that
  • P sounds just like pi, which means more
  • T sounds just like ti, which means little or small
  • 2 sounds just like tou, which means so or too/also

Above are 4 words that you learned so far. There is a method that’s an integral part of my teaching that I call R2R, which stands for Relate to Remember to help you remember the vocabulary you learn. You can find out more about it in my book Creole Meets English, which you can purchase direct on Amazon. It’s available in paperback as well as Kindle.

In addition to memorizing vocabulary, I want to share some tips about pronunciation as I do in most of my articles. If you can get pronunciation right, your confidence increases exponentially. From the above words and the ones that follow, I urge you to pay attention to the sounds of the vowel. There are two vowels and a blend that will aid you with pronunciation. Keep in mind that phonetics are constant in the Creole language. Therefore, what I’m going to point out will never change; if you keep registering those in memory or make a note of them, pretty soon, you’ll be able to read anything in Creole.

  • i in ti and pi is always pronounced ee
  • e in ke is always pronounced like ey in obey not key, but the ending y is silent
  • ou is always pronounced oo

Learn more about pronunciation in my free online mini-course Creole 101.

We can now combine the three letters and the number 2 to make up additional words and expressions.

  • K P sounds just like kepi, which means cap
  • T K P sounds just like ti kepi, which means small cap
  • P K sounds just like pike, which means spicy or to poke
  • P P sounds just like pipi, which means pee
  • T P P sounds just like ti pipi, which means small amount of pee
  • P P K sounds just like pi pike, which means more spicy
  • 2 P T sounds just like tou piti, which means so small

That’s 8 more sets of words for a total of 12 from 3 letters and 1 number. I suggest that you practice by reading the Creole words and pick a few at a time to memorize and use in conversation as soon as you can.

If you’re looking to improve your translation English to Creole, my book Creole Meets English will be a great help; if on the other hand you’re looking for a translator English to Creole, submit your document here for a quote.

  • 2 P K sounds just like tou pike, which means so spicy

If you’re looking for an easy way to learn a new language, this is definitely the best method to get started and build your confidence, which will naturally lead to your ability to communicate in this new language called Creole. Once you know a second one, learning a third becomes that much easier.

We’ve posted recordings of our most recent webinars. Please check them out as they help you put our articles into perspective. It’s a practical way for you to practice pronunciation.

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