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The Alphabet

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Some letters of the alphabet sound like Kreyòl words and right of the bat we offer you 8 of 10 new vocabulary words.

E sounds like A and means plus or how about

Bi sounds like B and means goal

Si sounds like C and means if

Di sounds like D and means to say or to tell

Ke sounds like K and means that

O sounds like O and is the exclamation Oh

Pi sounds like P and means more

Ès sounds like S and means is

Ti sounds like T and means little or small

Vi sounds like V and means life

We can use some of those words in a sentence

Read the following as if you’re reading a sentence; read the letters as letters pronounced in English:

S K lee D C lap so T 

The correct Kreyòl spelling is:

Ès ke li di si lap soti?

The sentence means:

Did she say if she’s going out?


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