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Creole 101

The Kreglish methodology takes advantage of the similarities between English & Creole to make it super easy for you to learn Creole. What similarities? You might think. Yes there are many that haven’t been exploited up to now. There are 3 sets of similarities between the two languages:

  1. There are 10 letters of the alphabet and thousands of words that sound Creole. For example: C sounds like si, which means if. Moun sounds like moon, which means people. Using the Kreglish methodology, those letters and words can be strung in such a way that they read like Creole sentences
  2. There are hundreds of words that are spelled the same in both languages
  3. Finally we have the cognates that are the same words in different languages because they share the same root. In terms of Creole, English, and French they have the same Latin root and words like admire, total, and final are the same in all three languages. The spelling is different in certain cases, but I’ll teach you how to spot the cognates that aren’t so obvious
With Kreglish, you don’t have to be fluent to begin teaching reading and writing. If you travel to a Creole speaking country, the chances of interacting with folks who can’t read are very high. Even with limited knowledge of the language, you’ll have the necessary tools to begin teaching folks how to read and write words like A, An, Ale, Ban, Pale that are not just English, but they’re also Creole with identical spelling but different meaning and pronunciation, which you’ll learn in the next few minutes.
Groups of letters of the alphabet and words that sound Creole.  There are many combos similar to the ones on this image, but we present to you a small subset that are widely used in various circumstances and are in fact put to use in the sample sentences at the end of this lesson.  These examples are very useful in the sense that they help you grow your vocabulary exponentially and also enable you to master pronunciation immediately.  If you are just getting started, stick with us as you won’t find another method as easy and practical as our methodology KREGLISH.  Add your comments or questions in the comments field belo.  Let us know what you think.

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