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The Personal Pronouns

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Every personal pronoun has an abbreviated form, which, in all but one case, is the initial of the pronoun. Example, the first person pronoun is Mwen and the abbreviation is M, but in the case of the second person pronoun, Ou, the abbreviation is W.

I’d like to share our own proprietary method to memorize what you learn. We call it R2R, which stands for: Relate to Remember and is our own brand of mnemonics or memory aid. When learning something new in Creole or in anything for that matter, try and associate it with something in your environment that you’re already familiar with.  I offer you the different associations below, but advise that you come up with your own associations because YOU need to remember later.  It’d be great if you add the ones you come up with in the comments as they may be useful to others. Here it goes:

Mwen is men with an extra w and is pronounced just like you would pronounce it in English except that n is silent.

Ou is you without the Y.

Li sounds just like lee in Bruce Lee.

Nou is you with an N instead of a Y.

Well, Yo is they.

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