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Haiti Tomorrow

Home - Invitation Polls - Haiti Tomorrow &, two domain names we registered a few days after the 2010 earthquake that devastated the country, as a way of daring to look to the future.  When these two domain names were registered, our thought process was such that we were trying to anticipate the possibility that our leaders would finally come to the realization that they would have to conceive at least a 20-year plan, if they had any chance of getting things right.  As devastating as the earthquake was, it presented a great opportunity to truly start anew and initiate a rebuilding process that so many of us have talked about in the past.  Unfortunately they failed to do so and they continued down the usual path of “pase on koush ‘bagay’ sou li”.

One of the biggest weaknesses of Haiti as a nation is the inability of its people to commit to long term plans.  If we cannot get it done tomorrow, we will not waste our time trying at all.  As a result all our plans and goals are short term in nature; despite the examples of more developed countries all around us, our leaders refuse to adopt the concept of starting a project during their administration and finishing it during the next one or even two or three administrations down the road.  They do not believe in passing the baton; the cynic would say if there is money to be spent, they want to pretend to spend it while their administration is in office and claim to have exhausted the funds before leaving office.  Failure to do so would result in an accounting system where they would hand over the remaining funds to the incoming government.  That would, of course, create a complicated situation where many outgoing government officials would most likely end up in jail.

We, at, are believers in long term goals that will start today and finish or reach a significant milestone by 2030.  For us to achieve this goal, an intelligent estimate of each project would need to be performed, an evaluation at the end of every year, a progress report to be made public at the end of every year, a revision of the estimate if the original plan was inaccurate, and a re-scoping of the project as required.

With that formula in place, several things are accomplished:

  • Intelligent and Long Term Planning
  • Periodic Touch Points
  • Continuation, which promotes working together.  Old and new administrations would have to learn to work in concert.
  • Transparency
  • Public Reporting

All great benefits that would ensure accountability, and would lead to planning, organization, and cooperation.  Share your thoughts; and share with friends.


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