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There are many who have written off Haiti; they believe we have dug an abyss for ourselves and we will never be able to get out of it.  This cannot be further from the truth; we have been through worse and I am confident we will get through this phase in our history as well.  It will not be easy because the tough times have lasted way longer than they should have; our situation has continually degraded without any recent indication of making a serious attempt at reversing the tide.  There are a lot of individual efforts and a lot of small to mid-size groups working hard to make a difference and successfully improve the situation for our brothers and sisters in need.  Whether it’d be through medical and religious missions, orphanages, water purification systems, camps, schools and school supply distributions, small businesses financing, student sponsorship, and last but not least money regularly sent to family members, friends, and loved ones.  Thank God for those ongoing programs without which the situation would be catastrophic.  But those programs are Band-Aids put on a wound that is spreading out of control with no plan to fully heal the wound while we are running out of Band-Aids.

There is no doubt a lot of sacrifices are being made by a great number of Haitians and friends of Haiti.  Lots of projects have been executed with various levels of success while others never reached the execution phase.  We have come to a point in the crisis where we can no longer afford to be disjointed.  While the programs that are in place should continue to save lives, it is critical that we come up with a different strategy where not just individuals or disjointed small groups, but everyone should come together to conceive some LONG-TERM plans, to identify the problems that stand in the way of progress and come up with LONG-TERM sustainable resolutions.  We don’t have individual problems; we have a national crisis that can only be solved by the nation as a whole.  The government has arguably also tried whatever they felt would be successful to no avail.  We have for too long complained about what the government or the elite in Haiti will or will not allow us to do.  It is time we take control of our own destiny and put our expertise to the service of the country.  This is not going to happen overnight and it may be too late for some to witness the results, but we have to come up with a plan that our kids will execute and improve.

Facts about Haiti

0531_Beach_1087Jovenel Moïse, 48, rose from obscurity to win the country’s presidential – Source: New York Times _0431 #Haiti – Some interesting recent facts.  More aid pouring in; but how is it used?  Source: USAID  _1921Haiti People – A good source for facts about Haiti and Haiti History is

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